Thursday, January 17, 2013

An airy Dining Room

I'm dreaming to own a house in the years to come. It is something that I am fervently wishing to be realized someday. So right now, all I have to do is save and save to build a house of my own. It's pretty appalling if I would stay forever in the boarding house. I want to retire in my own home and want to build it according to my personality. I want real freedom and having my own house is my definition of a real freedom.

Having our own house, apart from our family, signifies total independence. I never dreamed to stay in the boarding house forever, I want to live in a place where I have all the freedom to decorate the interior, arrange and fix things, relax towards the end of the tiring day and experience serenity and peace.

House is so basic in our existence and everyone never wish to stay in their parents' home forever. Everyone wants space and having a house is one essence of being free!

Our own house basically defines and reflects our personality so I want to build a house that really defines my attitude and lifestyle --- simple and creative.

I want a simple house with amazing landscape. I am not an engineer nor an architect but I know how to design a simple house structure. I have few sketches in my notebook and hoping one day I could materialize some of it.

One area in the house that I am so obsessed sketching is the dining room. It's the area where the whole family spends to eat and share good things in life through talks so it should be very relaxing and cozy. And my definition of a relaxing dining room is something that is very transparent where I could see the green plants and horizon.

A small house provides a relaxing feeling of living in comfort and this idea goes with a light structure of less solid walls. That's why I am fascinated with a dining room that has a direct view of the garden with a bare wall that just constructed with a glass cover or railings with a screen.

Glass doors for a dining room!

 I want this kind of wall in my dining room, very relaxing!

This also serves as a breakfast nook, so beautiful and relaxing!

Traditional Kitchen design by New York Interior Designer Tiffany Eastman Interiors, LLC
Another great idea of a breakfast nook! If the space is limited then this serves also as a dining room :-)

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