Thursday, January 17, 2013

Kitchen Style

I am very obsessed with having my own house someday! Dream...dream....dream!!!

It's so liberating to think that someday I'll be having all the freedom to  fix my own living room, do household chores, design the interior, buy home furniture, linens and kitchen utensils. It's a fantastic feeling having to think that I have my own place to return to after a busy day from work to comfort me and to enjoy my own space.

For now, I am just contented to collect designs online and do some sketches of my own. One of my favorite areas in the house is the kitchen because I love cooking!I want to cook as much as I can and I want to experiment recipes. I want a kitchen with a pantry on it to have a proper storing area of foods and utensils. 

Pantry is part of the old English tradition of an orderly home, I often read it in many royal books. The royal household and all of the Queen's residences have pantry areas managed by the butlers.

A beautiful kitchen with a relaxing ambiance
Everything is organized!

Designing a kitchen is one of my favorite past time lately hehehe!It makes me so happy and inspired to work harder to realize my plans as soon as possible. I want to organize stuff in the kitchen so I sketched pull organizers for utensils and plates. 

Another obsession is designing a kitchen organizer where I can "hide" things that are not in used. I want to have a pantry beside the kitchen, but an organizer is another thing, it will make the place very orderly and clean.
A beautiful organizer where washing machine can be kept when not in used
Amazing Pantry!
Kitchen design idea for a limited house lot space
Oh I love this pantry soooo much!!

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