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Welcome to My Home Life!

This is formerly Health and Wellness site which I converted to HOME LIFE :-). The contents of health and wellness can still be read here through Health and Beauty category.

I am obsessed with having my own house someday so I have this current habit of looking for unique home designs in magazines and online. Eventually I found some really attractive stuff, I landed at houzz.com with its oh-so-amazing house designs and furnishing. I created an album there for Home Ideas which you can check at the right side bar of this site.

I love cooking, fixing things in the house and everything that goes with maintaining a peaceful home so this site will serve as my diary for a simple home life.

I will be sharing practical tips and guide also how to spruce up a simple house with creative decors, cozy furnishing and interior design I got from experts.

You can find delectable recipes I'd experimented and tried at home too complete with details and easy steps how to do it so that you can try it at your home. The recipes here are some of the best I've got from various sources.

I've researched the basic ingredients of each recipe but I cooked it in my own style to have some variations applying my own choices of ingredients.

Hope you can learn from my tips and sharing about home life and style!

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Thank you for visiting my site!