Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Scones and Fondant

Finally this weekend I'll try baking real SCONES hehehe!I asked my friends to let me borrow their oven for this baking adventure. I'm glad they agreed so I'll be at their home this Saturday night. 

The Scones I tasted at Euro Cafe

I'll try making rolled fondant too, it's a bit tedious because the process involved too many intricate steps and hard-to-understand ingredients but I'll try my best to create a home made fondant cupcake. 

Fondant is similar to icing but it's more creamy, refine, neat and soft. It's an art of decorating and sculpting pastries and it has been used recently for party cakes. It makes pastries look more attractive and lovely. Modern wedding cakes are usually decorated in fondant, but recently, cupcakes are following this trend too!

If you notice the modern wedding cakes, its appearance had never been so nicer with fondant decoration. It's more attractive and creamy and often serves as additional accent to the reception venue. It adds style and elegance!

Rolled fondant is made of fructose, powdered sugar, cream cheese, gelatine and food-grade glycerine and it is usually prepared ahead of time, normally two days in order to achieve its desired thickness. It should be kept refrigerated while not in used. Fondant can be recreated to different scrumptious designs like Disney characters and other figures. To create different colors, a food dye is added to its preparation.

And because I am stubborn enough to try experimenting difficult stuff even if it costs me a lot of money, time and effort, I will try creating my own style of fondant cupcake hehe!

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