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Panini Whoopies

During my younger years, I used to watch my two grandmothers cooked native delicacies and other desserts and very fascinated with how they came up with scrumptious foods!

My maternal grandmother cooked almost all kinds of native foods with variations. While my paternal grandmother was very good at making bread and "pilipit" (somewhat a twisted soft bread). So I thought of imitating their legacy hehe! My sister loved to bake also and now, I want to try it too!

So excited with baking pastries and experimenting desserts!! It won't take an expert to create delectable dishes, anyway, it's just a matter of self-confidence and bravery hehehe! And patience!Lots of patience. All I need to do is a good amount of courage and determination.

So after studying all the aspects of baking one day, I was so thrilled to get on with it that I immediately planned to shop for ingredients even if I have no necessary kitchen equipment. I just want to discover stuff hehe!

The fluted cookie cutters I bought to create different forms
Cake writing gel, gosh so expensive!!!

Baking requires certain equipment and materials to make things right but I was too eager to get my hands on it. And since I had this sort of experiment-aficionado-complex stuck in my system :-) I did not wait another week to materialize my plan. One day, I went to the supermarket and shop for necessary ingredients :-D I thought that since I have no oven at the moment, I want to try another way of cooking which is -- frying haha!

The first thing that comes to my mind was to create SCONES! Oh yes, this very delicious Tea food popular in Britain is what I am longing to bake ever since. I imagined how this projects goes---buttery scones!

But, oh well, as fate would have it, things did not set well for my project because I have no oven, it turned very soft and became pancakes hahaha! But you know what's the best thing that happened after? I was able to create a new party food! This is the best part of being too experimental you will produce a new product, a new discovery, so this is some sort of serendipity :-)

I did not produce Scones but instead I was able to create a new party food recipe. Here's how I got the name of my precious project: Panini is a term referring to a grilled sandwich made of Italian bread while Whoopies is purely the product of my imagination haha! I thought it's a bit playful and magical to use for a party food, whoopies reflect surprises and fun.

Here's how I created this party food:

You Need:

1 cartoon of Whipping Cream
1 kilo of All Purpose Flour
1 small can of Evaporated Milk
3 cups of White Sugar
1 stick Unsalted Butter
2 tablespoon Vanilla Extract
1/4 teaspoon Salt 
2 Eggs
3 teaspoons baking powder
1 medium bag of Multicolored marshmallows
Cake writing gel

1. Mixed sugar, All purpose flour, Baking Powder and Unsalted Butter
2. In a separate bowl beat eggs, pour  the
All purpose cream, evaporated milk and vanilla, mixed thoroughly
3. Pour the Liquid mixture to the dry ingredients, make sure the liquid 
is just enough to produce a dough
4. Pour a little amount of flour to the wooden material 
or just a large plastic ware where you work on the dough
 Knead the dough thoroughly, wet your hands with water. 
Flatten the dough and cut into pieces using fluted cookie cutters.
  You may use assorted cutters to create several shapes
The two shapes I created: Star and Heart
5. Brush the top with butter. Heat the frying pan and put
small amount of Olive Oil then slowly put the shaped dough. Make sure to 
turn it from time to time to avoid being burned. Remove it from heat
and transfer to a bowl to cool. 
Drizzle the top with cake writing gel and put marshmallows.

As what I've said, the ingredients are intended for Scones but due to oven-less circumstances my experiment became Panini! Hahaha!

Well, there are times that misfortune turns to be blessings! Look at the lovely and attractive products I'd created. Surely, kids will love these foods!!

Panini Whoopies are ideal for a simple home party celebration with kids and adults! The beautiful presentation of marshmallows on top can add more fun and excitement to the party :-)
My Panini Whoopies creation!

So treat your kids with this delectable party food and decorate it based on your style and taste.

Kids, as well as adults, would surely love this food at the party because it is made from cream, milk and other soft ingredients like butter and eggs.

Try to create variations for this party food, you can explore your imagination and creativity in creating style and decoration.

 Yeah!It's party time!
Here are some party tips for you to consider:

For this creation, I used marshmallows in pastel tricolor to create a dainty presentation.

I had no specific party idea when I prepared this style, I just utilized whatever resources available when I shopped at the grocery :-)

The joy of creating a surprised party food relies in your unpreparedness hehe because you will tend to just grab whatever is there.
But as you can see, the lovely pastel marshmallows served as a beautiful topped decoration for my Panini Whoopies.

You may used the cake writing gel to create letters or words like "hello" and "happy birthdays".

I found out that the cake writing gel is so expensive! So try another writing gel that a lot cheaper. It's also messy to use hehe! Or maybe I am not yet an expert when it comes to using a cake writing gel.
This food preparation would not cost you a fortune, it's less expensive compared to other party foods but it offers the same level of fun and excitement when displayed at the food station.

Make use of your creativity when preparing party food to add some spikes of glamor, everyone would surely be delighted attending your home party celebration.

Don't forget to use various shapes of fluted cookie cutters to create lovely figures and shapes for everyone to enjoy.

Think of any placement decoration at home where you can position your lovely panini whoopies creation.

You may put it in a tray with scattered cake toppings, candies, ribbonettes and petals or put it in mismatched china wares with organza fabric for additional attraction.

There are several options of food toppings to go with Panini Whoopies. 

Fondant is another way. This is the modern trend of covering pastries and this can be applied to Whoopies.

Though a bit expensive and quite stressful to prepare, fondant is one of the best ways to create a very sophisticated and classy party food!

But be prepared for its tiring process, while marshmallows, rice sprinkles and cake writing gel can be added in instance and the job is finish, fondant takes several days to prepare before it can be decorated to pastries, so it's your choice.
The choice of decorations may varies depending the type of a celebration you are organizing. 

If it's just a home party with guests limited to close family members and friends, you may opt to choose marshmallows and sprinkles or slices of nuts and fruits.

If it's a large social gathering, you may choose fondant cut into animated patterns, you may use icing to be drizzled on top of each panini.
There you go...

Panini Whoopies provide enormous options to make your simple party celebration a truly memorable and entertaining gathering!

This party food tastes so good depending on the ingredients you prepared. You can substitute other ingredients I listed at the top of this post, example evaporated milk with condense milk and minimize sugar and you may add 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice and some food-grade coloring to create colorful Paninis.

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