Saturday, May 16, 2015

Hello Home Life!

OMG!! It's been two years since I updated this site. Haven't much time to visit here since I already created a personal site for my online journal. But I have several posts here that are worthy of anyone's time, there's even one section for health and wellness, so folks try to browse past contents here, this site is worth of your time.

My purpose of creating this blog is to create an online collection of house designs and ideas and all the homey stuff. I thought I could get married in less than two years after earning my master's degree so I prepared this site for a homely life hahaha! Crazy girl!! :-P

Anyway with or without marriage, the idea of this blog remains the same, to collect house designs especially the country living ideas. This site also features homemaking ideas for wifey and mothers, raising a family, nurturing kids and all the home life stuff.

As this is also a food site, I will be sharing recipes, cooking ideas and style and the food finds I got on the road while traveling. However, some of the contents will be duplicates in my official website ADRIFT WITH LIFE, so try checking the site too.

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