Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cozy Living Room

I always wanted a living room that has a direct access to the garden or a beautiful landscape, because aside from the relaxing ambiance it provides, the fantastic blooms of flowers, the presence of green plants and the beauty of the surroundings add loveliness and elegance to the small structure of the house. It's very relaxing and peaceful!

It is being said that the structure, interior and furnishing of the house reflect the attitude and personality of the owner, so if you are a person who love the beauty of nature, who are quiet, peace-loving and minimalist, a living room with an airy walling that is directly facing the garden is what you must have. French doors/walling is the best for this idea.

I am easily attracted to a home with a beautiful landscape of plants and flowers, so naturally if I have my own house I would like it to be built with an open space directly facing the garden and the lovely plants along its pathways.

The backdrop of a beautiful garden adds freshness to a simple living room

An elegant design idea for a limited space living room

My idea of a living room is not really grand, I want to keep it simple as much as possible, some of my sketches include the open walling with sliding doors and screen covering it, other variations include French doors or French walling where the beauty of plants and flowers can be directly seen.

This is very ideal also especially if you are building a small house in a limited space. The French walling or French doors are perfect to compliment the space, this idea of a house structure gives illusion of a spacious interior space.

Very elegant and glamorous living room!
Another interior design idea for a spacious living room with a perfect view of the garden

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