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In recent years, Barley supplements generated popularity all over the world because of its amazing health benefits and lots of people who are suffering from terminal illness like cancer are raving Barley's   goodness.

So what is Barley?

Barley is part of the cereal grain family and originally serves as one of the major components of animal feeds especially cattle feeds. It is also use as a base malt for beer, distilled beverages and components of health foods. It contains gluten which is very high in protein and because of this component, Barley is not suitable for people with Celiac disease (disorder in the intestine).

As a food, Barley contains 8 essential amino acids which help regulate blood sugar, bad cholesterol and may prevent chronic illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, hypertension, cardio-vascular disorder and other internal organ problems. It is an excellent source of niacin (Vit.B3), vitamin B6, magnesium, potassium, iron, phosphorus and Zinc.

It is now the fourth popular cereal crop in the world consumed by many people. Aside from using as one of the components of health products and animal feeds, barley is used as a soup ingredient in many countries. It is also commonly used in some distilled beverages like Whiskey and in Beer brewing.

Kinds of Barley

Hulled Barley - Only its outer hull (cover) is removed therefore considered as a whole grain as its bran and germ are intact, making it one of the highly nutritious foods in the world.

Pearled Barley - Steam processed dehulled Barley which removed the bran therefore not whole grain anymore but it is still considered very nutritious. 


Barley, especially hulled barley, is a whole grain food and contains essential amino acids. High in fibers, protein, carbohydrates, vitamin B complex and minerals, Barley is very low in fats and cholesterol. This is ideal for people suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetic among others, but because of its gluten content it is not suitable for people who have celiac disease or a disorder in the intestine. 

Health Benefits:

Lots of health claims are known today for Barley especially testimonies of some cancer survivors who tried Barley supplements. As a whole grain food, this cereal grain is known to provide lots of health benefits, because of its soluble fiber content, Barley helps reduce blood cholesterol and blood glucose levels. It contains antioxidants which provide protection from free radical damages and inflammation, the primary causes of premature ageing and chronic diseases, antioxidants protect the body by renewing body cells faster, boosting immune system. 

It successfully detoxifies the body, increased metabolism and energy, boosts immune system and stamina and helps lower cancer risks. Many cancer survivors already revealed how they are miraculously cured from taking Barley supplements although medical practitioners still would not validate and recommend it.

How to Choose the right Barley Supplements:

It is said that Barley provides optimum health benefits when it is harvested young, cultivated in cold environment and grown in farms free from chemical spray and pesticides and which promote organic farming, but because it is not standardized when it is sold commercially, it is still very difficult to determine which barley supplements are made from the young harvested grass and from organic farming.

In order to ensure you are making the right choice of a barley supplement, try to look for a product that is made from purely organic ingredients, freeze-dried (as heat kills vitamins and minerals) and no added fillers like sugar, preservatives and other additives. Barley supplements are now available in health shops worldwide.

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