Friday, August 12, 2011

Cleansing and Healing Tips

Due to environmental pollution, unhealthy lifestyle and other factors, our body is prone to diseases and often ravaged with free radicals and inflammation, main causes of premature ageing and chronic illnesses. In order to protect our body cells and boosts immune system, we need some forms of detoxification and internal cleansing/healing. The best form is always the natural process through home remedies. 

Here are some of the most proven and safe remedies.



Healthy digestion 
Weight loss 
Internal cleansing 
Boosts Immune System
May prevent certain chronic illnesses
Healthy Skin
Regular bowel movement
Relax disposition

You only need to squeeze 28 fresh Calamansi every morning right after waking up. Be sure the Calamansi pieces are not yet ripened. Drink it purely, no water, no sugar. Drink it with an empty stomach approximately one hour before taking breakfast. If you cannot take the 28 Calamansi then start the routine by squeezing 4 pieces on the first day, then 8 pieces on the second morning until your stomach can take the maximum of 28 pieces. According to Bo Sanchez' newsletter about this routine, the Calamansi juice became acidic if you will take it with sugar and water. Personally, I am taking this habit regularly and I felt great. I didn't take vitamin C supplement any more.



Prevents hypertension and heart disease
Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol
Weight loss
Regular bowel movement
May prevent certain form of chronic illnesses
Healthy Skin
Boosts Immune System
Cleansing and Healing

You need:

One cup chopped Garlic
One cup chopped Ginger
One cup Olive Oil
One cup Honey
One cup Apple Cider


Mix Garlic and Ginger bring to boil with pour Apple Cider. Simmer. Prepare the blender then shake the mixture with olive oil and honey. Pour in a safety container and put in a fridge. Take 2 tablespoons of this shake 30 minutes before every meal.

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